How to get an annulment without a lawyer

How to get an annulment without a lawyer

When getting an annulment, it’s important to plan ahead and avoid unnecessary expenses and stress. Decisions you make before filing, will impact if your annulment is quick, easy, affordable, if it’s uncontested, if you have to go to court, if you have to pay attorney fees, etc. as well as your future happiness. Most people would change how they got they marriage annulled for various reasons. At length, they mainly complain about spending too much money. During a difficult annulment people often lose sight of the big picture, their ultimate happiness.

For one, many people say that if they could do it all over again, they would have tried to reach an agreement with their spouse before filing for an annulment because the court case left them in a terrible financial situation and the process took too long. Ultimately, they wish they got an uncontested annulment. With an uncontested annulment, you and your spouse avoid going to court by signing and filing annulment forms. There are many companies that provide this service. For example, the attorneys at annul your marriage at a bargain price of $59.

These services are now readily available online at affordable prices and the process is quick, easy, simple and you remain in control. The premium online process is generally as follows for these uncontested online divorce services:
1.Complete an online questionnaire
2.Review your divorce documents
3.Print, sign and file your divorce documents at court

This invaluable service is not available to everyone. Some people often have to opt for a contested annulment because they cannot reach an agreement with their spouse and/or require representation by an attorney. Nevertheless, most contested annulments eventually still get settled by an agreement. As the case wears on, frustration and expenses grow, couples generally become more sensible and settle and avoid an uncertain and expensive trial. An uncontested annulment is quick, simple and less expensive than a traditional contested annulment. Moreover, there is no court appearance required and couples can end their marriage in privacy and with dignity.

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